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  About Me  

I love to travel! I especially love to cruise.

My first time on a cruise ship was in 1995. I was fortunate enough to work with a travel agent that was an expert on cruises. I came back from that trip and was hooked on cruising. Part of the reason why I invested in this business is to help create some great memories for my customers.

I pride myself on helping my customers get the best prices on cruises, land tours, shore excursions, all inclusive resorts, etc. No matter what you would like to do, I am here to help make it happen.


My Background

I have been an entrepreneur for close to 20 years and have travelled extensively since in my teens. I love the travel business and look forward to working with each client to provide the best service possible.

Why use a travel agent? Because we will do the work for you! Let me do the research and give you the best options for your trip.  I would love to help you!